Blogophilia Vacation

For 14 years, Marvin Martian has dedicated every week to this writing group, Blogophilia. That is over 728 weeks of coming up with topics, prompts, pictures, adding up points, and crediting the bloggers who have contributed to the various guessing items.

That is a lot to do each week, and of course, the Martian K-9, Commander K, would always hope that no one guessed anything correctly, because no points = lots of bacon treats. Now that the Martians are on vacation, we will have a sabbatical from gaining points, which I hope equates to more bacon for our favorite space-dog!

Blogging breaks bound to be

Laughter, life, not laziness carry on

Other things to write or explore

Go forth & get ’em done!

Off to vacation, the music is on

Philharmonics it is not, but…

Here is a new venture!

I‘m playing the summer season

Lollapalooza, getting paid to play

I play my clarinet for the parade & several concerts!

Appreciative, it’s soul food & PT at the same time!

So, at least for the 1st couple weeks, I’ll have to focus on that, practice, etc… Take care all, and enjoy your hiatus, sabbatical, staycation, or whatever you’re doing!

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Blogophilia 13.14: “Hiatus”

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Share a ‘detailed fond memory’ of Marvin Martian, Commander K or anyone in the Blogophilia group (past or present)
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Reveal your summer vacation plans

Sometimes, we need to take a hiatus, take a break, have a close encounter of the 3rd kind, whatever it is you need to do, and when you’re ready, be like ET call home.

I miss the days where we had a ton of bloggers, even if I was only reading & commenting… Barbara K’s pictures – so many adventures that she had going, yet the simply wonderful snapshots of nature were always so refreshing. Then if people got the caption right, poor Commander K had to go without his bacon! Poor puppy… But, Marvin Martian has to divide up the winnings somehow. And then there were C.C.‘s (aka Lori Gomez) blogs… where someone dies somehow, someway… Then here comes Dia Jade, in hopes of being nabbed by aliens!

Maybe it’s all about Zephram Cochrane and First Contact? Maybe wolves howl at the full moon because they’re warning us about an alien invasion… Maybe I just need a summer vacation, but, my plans are medical appointments, making my various ethnic foods – it’s my way of traveling the planet without having to spend money, even though a vacation would be nice, and because my kitchen is actually a science lab, I just have to hope nothing turns into an alien life form… But dang, maybe I do need a vacation, and it would be cool to beam up to a spaceship. While it would be cool to take me out to the ballgame, this time, I need to go to the field of dreams.

Topic provided by Marvin Martian

Picture provided by Marvin Martian

Caption: 1) close encounters of the 3rd kind 2) ET call home 3) kidnapped by aliens 4) 1st Contact 5) howling at the moon 6) alien invasion 7) alien life form 8) beam me up 9) spaceship 10) field of dreams

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Blogophilia 12.14: Something in the Air

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate a song title by the group Tears for Fears

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Use the word “asunder”


There is definitely Something In The Air – it’s the mist! It’s the morning glories in bloom! No, it’s my food cooking on the grill! Or at least my barbecue sauce, not to be hoarded in the hideaway. It’s a good place to cozy up, gazing at Bay Rock, Sewing the Seeds of Love.

When what you want and what you need seem as if they’re asunder, it would be cool to retreat here, in an outdoor hermitage, with your own bird’s eye view. For now, it’s balancing what I can do, what I need to do & what I want to do… Maybe I should think about aroma therapy out in nature? Ocean smells are awesome.

Seriously, though, there is lots of therapies to try to fix what is going on, as well as being able to do some self care at home including stretches & not overdoing it, and of course, holiday cooking! The menu will include pork souvlaki shish-kebab, imitation lobster salad (filled with veggies, pasta & it’s good), and Jell-O for sure, among other things. It’s a good window to another realm.

Topic: Irene

Picture: Colleen

Caption: 1) outlook 2) mist 3) morning glories 4) hideaway 5) bay rock 6) retreat 7) hermitage 8) bird’s eye view 9) aroma therapy 10) window to another realm

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Blogophilia 11.14: I Will Always Remember

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Quote Douglas Adams

Easy Bonus (1 Point):
Mention Your Favorite Flower

Nature Hike

I Will Always Remember that a chef’s hat has exactly 100 pleats. Not that it’s useful information, but you can still take that on a walk in the park. I love to cook, and my son is an up & coming chef. He learned my punting style way to cook, where a recipe is a guide, and the rest is experimentation, which is why I call my kitchen a science lab. It’s just the final products are things you can eat.

I’ve thought about what I could potentially do to earn some money, but, unfortunately, much of it falls under it takes money to make money, which I don’t have… One of the things I’d love to do is to open up my own food truck. Aside from doing some standard favs, I’d like the general public to try my Under the Forest (森下 – Morishita) sushi rolls – a vegetarian thing, that I invented myself. That’s my maiden name, btw, another random fact. But I think I could run a successful food truck if I had the start up, since I practice “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity & integrity” – Douglas Adams

I guess people generally like the path of least resistance, even if it is the road less traveled. Forest, emerald, and hunter green are my favorite colors aside from black. And while lilacs, orchids & lilies are awesome, my favorite flower would be sunflowers because not only do honey bees pollinate them, they’re awesome bird & critter feed, too.

I used to take the various kids in my life, my godchild, niece & nephew, & my son to big trail walks to not only get quality time together but it was cool to have a natural canopy overhead on windy days. Sometimes it was fun to go walking during light rains, where we could still hear the pitter patter w/o actually getting soaked. I guess I’m not fully grown up yet?

Thanks for reading!

Topic: Dia Jade

Picture: Tyler

Caption: 1) nature hike 2) walk in the park 3) under the forest 4) path of least resistance 5) road less traveled 6) emerald green 7) hunter green 8) trail walks 9) quality time 10) natural canopy

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Blogophilia Week 10.14 Topic: No Promises

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Quote Denzel Washington

Easy Bonus (1 Point):
Use the word “afreet” (Per Merriam-Webster: a powerful evil jinni, demon, or monstrous giant in Arabic mythology)

kitten charmer

There’s No Promises in life. A street musician needs an audience, and a stray cat would be good luck. My inner afreet kept me from pursuing different things, though if “you pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it“. I don’t mind walking through the mud, being too poor for shoes. I guess you have to start somewhere?

Too bad I don’t play my flute well, but I do play my clarinet well enough to be semiprofessional. I was able to make the sub list for the Racine Concert Band and have a place in the Parkside Community Band, so that’s cool. “I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it“. Sometimes the ally ways are the best places to start, because practice makes perfect.

Maybe the stoop can become a stage? The boy w/ his cat & flute could be the key to being a traveling gig. I just wonder what he’s playing… Surely not a fight song, like I did right there – and I can’t believe there is an ad on it? I screwed it up a little bit, but, it’s the only one out there… lol

Topic: Tyler M.

Picture: Stormy

Caption: 1) kitten charmer 2) street musician 3) stray cat 4) too poor for shoes 5) flute playing 6) ally way 7) practice makes perfect 8) stoop/stage 9) the boy with his cat & flute 10) traveling gig

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Blogophilia 9.14: By the Water

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Ecrit’s blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include the meaning of life

Easy Bonus (1 Point):
Use the title of a song by Alison Krauss

Check Point

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! Mom’s of angel babies, furry babies, childless moms, single dads trying to mother their children, grandmothers, Godmothers, favorite aunts, all of you!

Some of the best moments occur By the Water. Whether canoeing, row boating, swimming, meditating, it’s always a good place to be. It’s where creative ideas can be contemplated, like a tree in the water. You can be somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The meaning of life is loving children. My son is 21, and he is Baby Mine for sure. He inherited my younger laid back personality, has my twisted sense of humor, etc. When he was a baby, I swear he connected with his big brother, an angel baby, because small children & pets can see a Ghost in the House. He even loves the water, too.

Sometimes it’s nice to get solitude, where you can enjoy the summer rain with the forest preserves in the backdrop. It’s good to be in sync with nature, and go poking around and help keep the area nice.

It’s a cold & tired day here, today. Wishing you all the best!

Topic: Lisa C.

Picture: Stormy

Caption: 1) check point 2) canoeing/row boating 3) contemplating 4) tree in the water 5) middle of nowhere 6) solitude 7) summer rain 8) forest preserve 9) in sync with nature 10) poking around

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All Cut Up: A Mother’s Day gift prize!

Please click the link to All Cut Up Hair Salon’s post for a Mother’s Day contest, and look for Peri Barnes picture comment – react to vote for Peri & her lovely mom, Betty Barnes! If you have Facebook, please vote for Peri & Betty Barnes, a daughter/mother duo!

Please do not forget to stop in at Value Village to say hi to Betty, as well as make your donations & purchases! All proceeds helps out the Purple Heart to help area veterans!

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Blogophilia 8.14: A Proud Moment

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate 2 Beatles Song Titles

Easy Bonus (1 Point):
Mention an Oscar Winning Movie

jump for joy

A Proud Moment can come often, or not much, depending on what is going on. When we’re young, it’s one of those things where you feel like Here Comes The Sun, it’s definitely A Day in the Life, when you’re out from dawn ’til dusk, Sunrise to Sunset. Youth has it’s moments, where you and your friends can just Come Together, just to do what’s on your mind, and just Let It Be. It’s good to let young people be young, don’t force growing up too fast because youth isn’t Forever Young, once you’re past it, it’s Gone With The Wind (1940).

Sometimes I wonder if people click the links within my blog, because sometimes these are surprises. I like surprises. Yay! And, just because we’re adults, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a Field of Dreams, right? So, may we all enjoy the fresh air & sing under the skies.

Topic: Jessica

Picture: Lisa C.

Caption: 1) jump for joy 2) here comes the sun 3) dawn til dusk 4) Sunrise, Sunset 5) let it be 6) forever young 7) yay! 8) field of dreams 9) enjoy the fresh air 10) under the skies

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Blogophilia 7.14: Writer’s Choice – Rely Local!

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Writer’s ChoiceName a food & beverage (kringle & mocha)

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Writer’s ChoiceMention a place (Petrified Springs Park)

Nature’s Canopy

As people may or may not know, I’m a huge backer of supporting local businesses. When we Rely Local, we are supporting a family’s effort to support the area economy, as opposed to a huge corporations whose owners are investing outside of the area. You’re literally helping your neighbors get & keep what they need. Who wouldn’t want to take a Sunday stroll through unique & original stores, where you literally can’t find these items anywhere else except for these places?

Here are some individuals I’d like to plug, you might find that their products are picture perfect, and who couldn’t use a breath of fresh air these days, anyway!

Laura Fogel – Independent Contractor for Mary Kay products: She will match you up with your skin type, skin tone, and help you get that glowing look you’d like! Please check out her products Right Here

Schwenk’s Contracting LLC – for all of your personal needs to be met for general contracting from bathrooms to fencing upgrades! Remember to ask for Joseph Schwenk. Find out more on the website

Amanda Zei – PJM Photos for your individual, family or professional photography needs. Flexible scheduling to fit your day. Check out her Facebook Page, and don’t forget to ask about her Artworks, too!

Sandy Conway Photography – for elegant, personal, pictures for families, individuals or events, where you want quality photos to remember the special moments in life! Book your appointments today!

Soldwolf – a navy veteran who is writing a Sci-Fi novel, and with enough interest, Deviant Art will set him up with an editor & publisher to turn it into a real book. The chapters are in reverse chronological order. Come read Meeting the Parents (title of book & ch. 1), now, and meet a space navy hero, who is upcoming in his career, and his beloved alien fiancé.

Now to my favorite local stores around here, where the smells & scents are as refreshing as the cherry blossoms in spring!

Bendtsen’s Bakery – authentic Danish bakery with the best kringles you’ll have not just in this country, but here in Racine, as well! This area was nicknamed “little Denmark”, and the kringle are a Danish pastry where they’re still made by hand-rolling the dough, with 7 layers of flakey crust & butter, filled with various delicious fruits, nuts, and more. There’s literally a flavor for everyone! Order some, you won’t be disappointed! (Pecan & apple are the two most popular).

Wilson’s Coffee & Tea – a locally owned shop, on their 2nd generation. They roast their coffee beans in-house, and they have fair trade items, and their teas are good, too. Everything from a breakfast roast, to evening tea, to ethnic blends, they have it! I love their blended mocha (kind of like a mocha shake), it’s delicious! You all need to try one today!

Lighthouse Gallery & Gifts – unique to hold everything Racine, WI – from the photography of the lake front, famous Wind Point Lighthouse (listed in the top 500 great lakes lighthouses) as well as t-shirts, handbags, coffee mugs, and so much to list! Please check them out!

Petrified Springs Park – it has a full golf course, nature preserve & trails, and play/cookout spots available – in 3 different sections – the green lawns are awesome, wherever you are in the park, and hey, pack your Racine bag with the bakery items, bring the coffee, and have a picnic! Mike & I had our Renewal of Vows here, and it was great. We almost got to get baptized in the river! Come along, have some fun with a relaxing nature walk!

There are so many other neat places too, like Refined Salvage & Pallet Design, Gold Bear Trading Co, Wind Point Lighthouse, various beaches, and hey, just because it’s Wisconsin, it’s more than smelling dairy air! Plenty around here, like the bar & grills, where we serve more than beer, it’s gourmet pub food that can’t be compared, so hey, bring your honey, everyday & evening can be date-night!

Topic & Picture: Martien Ecrits

Caption: 1) nature’s canopy 2) Sunday stroll 3) picture perfect 4) breath of fresh air 5) refreshing 6) cherry blossoms 7) green lawns 8) nature walk 9) (no) smelling dairy air 10) date time

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Blogophilia 6.14: Til the World Ends

Martien Ecrits blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include the title of a Clive Cussler book

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Utilize a foghorn or whistle


Despite whatever changes the planet can do, some things will never change Til the World Ends. For example, I will always be an advocate, and probably will get put in Facebook jail for being someone who speaks up. I just don’t want to live that long to see it happen, and hope that it’s a sonic boom that just wipes out everything instantly to minimize suffering. Otherwise, it will look like a lot of The Gray Ghost running around, looking like zombies but actually just looking like the dust from the mushroom cloud.

Living so close to Lake Michigan, one of the 5 inter connected Great Lakes, it’s normal to hear foghorns, due to the fact that we have one near the harbor on the south end of downtown, another one attached to the lighthouse on the north end of town, and another in between. It’s a low sound that carries, but not too intrusive when you’re used to hearing it when there’s dense fog.

I wonder what kind of cloud formations exist out there? Or maybe a natural rock formation with a plateau? Nature has some strange yet interesting things going on, and it’s more fascinating than anything we could do. The skyline is often so cool to look at, anytime of day. Dusk is especially interesting, depending on the season, because there are a broader spectrum of color.

When my son was little, I’d take him to a huge park, which is partly a nature preserve. He’d look up and say, “Mama, make the birds talk to you!” So I’d whistle various birdcalls, and they’d start answering back. Sometimes I miss those days, but I’m glad I had those. Sometimes, life as we know it must come to an end. I just know that We Didn’t Start the Fire.

Here, some local/area businesses to promote:

Joseph Schwenk – contractor for all of your home’s needs

Sandy Conway – photography

Lika’s Resume Services

Laura’s MK

Amanda Zei – Art Wonders

Mathew Chambers’ Photography

Vivian Krenzke EZ PZ Polish

Sending blessings to you all!

Topic: Christine

Picture: Lisa C.

Caption: 1) KABOOM! 2) sonic boom 3) mushroom cloud 4) dense fog 5) cloud formation 6) rock formation 7) plateau 8) skyline 9) dusk 10) We didn’t start the fire

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