Blogophilia 52.13: Melt Down

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Hard Bonus (2 points): Incorporate a line from a Pablo Neruda poem

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a character from Dr. Who

Mad Science

The weather is weird. We never got the “January thaw”, and now, we have The Meltdown of all the snow we got. Maybe I should just be glad I do not live on a flood plane, because I don’t know what kind of experiment Mother Nature is pulling, but maybe it’s the Scientist and the Amazing Technicolor Potion, though I’m sure that The Black Guardian has a definite hand in this one… I’m wondering where Dr. Who is though?

I’m asking my dedicated readers, friends & supporters once again, to keep voting for me as Your Favorite Chef. We are in round 3. I made it in the top 15 (sitting in 11th place) and cannot go to the next phase without YOUR help! The top prize is to get featured in Bon Appetite magazine plus a $50,000 grand prize to not only launch my international food truck, but also to share – with the Hospitality Center where the homeless, near homeless & food insecure can go to eat nutritious meals on a regular basis. Every vote helps, and you can put in a free one daily Right Here. A $10.00 donation to Feeding America, the largest food pantry supplier in the country, can buy you 10 extra votes for the day. I’m just asking for the free one. Thinking about feeding the masses makes my hair stand up on end. It’s enough to be able to breathe some air into society. Just no smoking the whacky stuff!

I swear the planet is run by cats sometimes… Everything I try, seems to end up like Things get broken at home like they were pushed by an invisible, deliberate smasher. Pablo Neruda – Ode to Broken Things – but then again, maybe I just need a way to figure out how to turn my kitchen chemistry lab into something… So when people ask me, “what’s cooking, good looking“, I can just concoct a stiff one & make a strong cup of java for myself.

Topic: Christopher

Picture: David “The Raider”

Caption: 1) Mad Science 2) experiment 3) Scientist and the Amazing Technicolor Potion 4) hair standing up on end 5) breathe air into it 6) no smoking 7) kitchen lab/chemistry lab 8) what’s cooking, good looking? 9) stiff one (drink) 10) strong cup of java

p.s. Somehow, my original post which was better, got chopped… So… This 2nd edit will have to do.

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Blogophilia 51.13: I’ll Have Just One

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Hard Bonus (2 points): Reference a Sesame Street Character
Easy Bonus (1 Point): Mention a Cooking Disaster

Cloud 9

As you may or may not know, I decided to enter a cooking contest, to have a chance at being featured in Bon Appetite magazine & to win $20,000 – plus a chance to win some kitchen gadgets. The contest closes today, 02/21/2021 at 11PM CST. You can vote once for free, and a $10.00 donation to Feeding America, one of the largest food pantry distribution sites in the country can buy you 10 extra votes. You can vote for me here at FavChef! I’m currently in 13th place in my category, which is actually really cool, since there literally were THOUSANDS of entries & contestants, some already in process of starting their own food service gigs. I was nervous to enter, since my only experiences have been club pot luck parties, a couple of waitressing gigs as a young adult, and most recently, stepping in as an unpaid essential worker to cook for 80-150 at the Hospitality Center, which serves hot meals for breakfast & lunch to-go M-F for the homeless, near homeless and food insecure people. It was a learning curve, since previous to the shutdown, everything was served cafeteria style, to having to box up the food & bag them to send out the door. When the Center was in full operation, the amount of people served ranged between 60-80 people, to the shutdown requiring us to start at 80 and go up from there. The needs of the people continue, with needing food & bottled water for the meals, as well as clothing – where they can fill out a form to ask for what they need, and when they pick up their food the next day, get their clothes. Mind you, previous to the shutdown, my average dinner party was anywhere from 10-20 people, with my son’s graduation party being about 30-35. To walk in and needing to feed 80 right off the bat was a challenge, and it took me a couple weeks to get a grip, but once I did, it flowed to being able to meet the ever increasing demands for those who needed that balanced meal. My specialties include my signature sushi rolls or bowls (Root River & Under the Forest, both vegetarian/vegan friendly), lasagna & enchiladas – which always seem to be a hit. Other things include other Mexican, Japanese & Eastern European dishes, it would be really cool if dreaming big actually came true.

I’ll Have Just One chance… Featured or not, I still won, because even though thousands were accepted, not everyone was, and being in lucky #13 spot isn’t a bad omen, I still did good. I’m still working through recovering from the pinched nerve & cervical spine surgery, so I’m not sure if I’d be able to run my own food truck yet, which would include finger food type creations such as tempura, tonkatsu, flautas, and whatnot, or, maybe a small little diner that serves authentic Japanese noodles in various formats with other ethnic specials each night of the week. For me, being able to feed people, especially the masses, would be a field of dreams because I could go in whatever direction, really. I’d just have to hope that winning the title of Your Favorite Chef 2021 wouldn’t result in lasagna soup, which would be a cooking disaster for sure! It’s not like Ernie is good at cooking for Bert on Sesame Street! So, if you don’t mind, please make your last ditch effort to help me climb the ladder – each vote counts, and is greatly appreciated!

My other passion, which is music, leaves me seeing clouds of cotton candy, a pink glow in the sky, the smell of lavender, and daydreaming, I’d like to ask that you support my fellow musician & colleague, JoJo Holly on Patreon – to help get to producing an album, which I might be able to play a little bit on. The name of her group is Aurora – like the sky at dawn. This really is that time of a budding music career, and your patronage would seriously help launch the day. Sponsorship starts at $2.00/month, higher if you can. This ladder would help get to the pink roses bouquet, and offer the sweet slumber in nature that she needs to grow her progressive rock into the next generation. So many opportunities & goals to accomplish, let’s go chase them!

This new project/gig of mine, has a brand new website that I just built. Racine Mutual Housing Association (RMHA) & Project Fresh Start (PFS) – RMHA has been around for 35 years, and has not had a website yet… PFS is about a year old, and is the flagship to help people in this way. Please visit and check out both pages, to help get this up into the search engine’s top pages! RacineMutualHousingAssociation/ProjectFreshStart

Topic: Christopher

Picture: Christine

Caption: 1) Cloud 9 2) dream big 3) field of dreams 4) cotton candy clouds 5) pink glowing sky 5) lavender scent 6) aurora 7) dawn 8) launch the day 9) bouquet of pink roses 10) natural sweet slumber

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Calling All Music Heads!

Please consider supporting a local starving artist, Jojo Holly, a multi-instrumentalist who tackles real-life issues in her music.

reward item
Aurora: feat. JoJo Holly

If you like New Age, Fusion, Indie & Progressive Rock, songs include things we deal with in life issues such as mental health and more. A new album is being worked on, let’s help get her there!

Will you consider joining Aurora, featuring Jojo Holly as a VIP in some form on Patreon? There are perks included:

For more info, please check out these pages:




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Blogophilia 50.13: Promised Rose Garden

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Hard Bonus (2 points):
Use a song title from Frankie Valli and/or the Four Seasons

Easy Bonus (1 Point):
Mention a town or city from North Dakota

A kiss for you

If I had a better yard, I could have a Promised Rose Garden. I would create bouquets to memorialize our fellow bloggers passed, as well as classmates, relatives, family members, friends, and more. It would be my way of sending them best wishes into the afterworld. I think it would be neat to learn how to dry them, either to press or to preserve in a glass container, just so they know You’ll be in my heart (4 Seasons – Idaho 1969) – but Udapimp…

All the things they whisper in your ear are all mine (Frankie Avalon – Rainstorm 1977) – as I send off good biddings to all, and may your journey be safe, satisfying and more. Stay away from Dwight, ND, it gets mighty frigid like the North Pole. May my lips of love express well, speak no evil, not ever haranguing, to be clear yet offer patient words to all I come across. I’d give everyone a rosy kiss, and may the full lips offer encouragement… Hold the memento close to your heart, my Valentine!

Topic & Picture: Bettie Davis

Caption: 1) A kiss for you 2) best wishes 3) All the things they whisper in your ear are all mine 4) lips of love 5) speak no evil 6) patient words 7) rosy kisses 8) full lips 9) memento 10) Valentine!

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Blogophilia 49.13: Memories of Tomorrow

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Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Billie Eilish Song Title

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Include a School Mascot

nectar sweet

The things we do today are the Memories of Tomorrow. Make your time count. It’s easier said than done for sure, since Everything I Wanted (Billie Eilish – 2019) has mostly gone down the drain. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t get it, though, since I think often, it’s motivation to keep achieving when you want certain things, such as job goals, retirement plans, what kind of engine humming you’d like, how you’d like to set up your yard, etc…

Reflections of the haves & have nots don’t have to be bad or regretful. It can be good, or just difficult, and we have to try to not be so hard on ourselves. The humming bird doesn’t care that it doesn’t have wheels. Who needs a dirt path when you have wings?

Sometimes you just have to stop & take a drink. Your next steps may come into clarity… And just be – instincts may give you that bird’s eye – to find what you need…

Over the course of decades, I’ve not accomplished my professional goals, and I’m constantly reinventing myself, it seems, which gets tiring. It’s draining, especially when you feel like each step you take, there is another barrier. When life seems to give you seeds, maybe you just need to feed the birds?

It’s not easy having to figure out ways to start over. The barriers I’ve had came from places & people you wouldn’t figure would do so. Then there are the health issues. While money isn’t the most important, you need some to survive. Yet Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness should at least be available to everyone. I just feel like I was raised to help everyone else realize theirs while mine gets stomped on. Then again, win or lose, Bucky Badger never quits. Maybe I’m truly a Wisconsin rabid badger?

Yet, on the flip side, I always wanted to be a mom, and was able to do so when I was ready. Some of my other dreams of wanting to be a musician to play on stage, march in the parades, even got paid a small amount – it happened. I’m hoping that the things I’ve done & am doing with/for my son will help create a good memory for tomorrow for him. Hopefully, I’m encouraging him to fly away to do his destination.

Now, to figure out how to not retire into poverty…

Topic: Irene

Picture: Bettie

Caption: 1) nectar sweet 2) engine humming 3) reflections 4) humming bird 5) dirt path 6) stop & take a drink 7) clarity 8) bird’s eye 9) feed the birds 10) fly to your destination

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Blogophilia 48.13: On a Cold Dark Night

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Blogophilia & how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a song lyric from the original Willie Wonka movie

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Use the term ‘the zings’ correctly (it means hungover)

Mystic Princess

On a Cold Dark Night, it’s easy to get caught up in everything that’s going wrong, especially in Wisconsin, where we might imbibe on too much beer then have to clear 10″ of snow while having the zings… You just want the Dark Fairy to visit, and hope she doesn’t bring Lady Death with her.

Sometimes you just need a visit from the Dream Keeper to make a wish. Maybe then, I can say “I never thought my life could be; Anything but catastrophe; But suddenly I begin to see; A bit of good luck for me” Golden Ticket lyric. Let’s hope the Goth Vampire Queen has mercy on us… We could all use some better luck.

Or maybe she is a witch of the night, who goes saving those in need of salvation? Or maybe is one of those soldiers of darkness who brings good tidings for people who need a lift. Maybe I just need to move to Transylvania & join the team, idk.

My apologies for just rambling, maybe I just need to pace & have tea in the courtyard this evening, with candles & pink flowers?

Topic: Irene

Picture: Dia Jade

Caption: 1) Mystic Princess 2) Dark Fairy 3) Lady Death 4) Dream Keeper 5) Goth Vampire Queen 6) night witch 7) soldier of darkness 8) (bringer of) good tidings 9) Transylvania 10) tea time in the courtyard

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The Capitol Theater set to be razed 02/03/2021

Historic 1928 Movie Theater

Originally, this theater was built for both sound & silent movies. There was a Wurlitzer organ inside, and would bring in people from literally all over the planet to see & hear the organ play during silent movies and other shows. I vaguely remember coming to this theater in it’s original format, being that I lived in Tokyo until 1977, and visited Racine about 4 times from the time I was born before permanently living here.

In 1976, it was “twinned”. The organ was removed, to accommodate two smaller theaters and renamed The Park. At first, it was part of the Marcus Theaters that hosted a variety of movies along with Racine’s other theaters which only had 2-4 screens each. When Westgate & Regency theaters opened, the other theaters closed, and this one became a value cinema. During my teen years, it was a nice spot to meet friends, whether to see an affordable movie or to start an adventure going elsewhere.

On 01/19/2021, Racine’s City Council met virtually, with a public portion regarding this historical building. We had 6 votes in favor of saving the building, 8 votes opposed. 1 absent. If we could possibly call or email our mayor & alderman, that would be appreciated greatly.

Please call/write to thank them for supporting the theater:

Please call/write to those who voted no, and ask them to reconsider their position to see if a special meeting can be called to put a 3 month hold on the raze. This would be very helpful in being able to come up with the funds. Please be respectful, we can draw more with honey than vinegar.

Here is a sample message:

Dear Mayor/Alderman (Insert Last Name);

Thank you for your hard work you do for the citizens of Racine. As a constituent, I am asking you to reconsider the raze order of the Capitol Theater on February 3. Please hold a special meeting to make a new motion, and encourage you to visit the building since it has a landmark status. I’d like to request a 3-month pause to give citizens a chance to raise money for repairing the building envelope. Preservation Racine is actively doing a pledge drive, as well as a charity Go Fund Me to help pay for the project. I support the project/organization. There is also a petition that has several hundred signers who also support saving the theater.

There is already enough pledge money for the first round of roof repairs, and for portions of the needed exterior brick work! A New Orleans style music group, STELLA, has offered to do a fundraising performance here to help Save the Capitol-Park Theater! Thank you again, for your time and efforts.

Sincerely, (Your Name)

Not present: Please ask him where he sits on the issue & ask if he can support it.

District 12 – Perez – 262-676-2364

Mayor Cory Mason – Webform here – 262-636-9111

For the pledges, if the building is razed anyway, you don’t give up anything. With the fundraiser, the monies will go to Preservation Racine to go toward helping other historical buildings. Let’s keep a part of Racine history. For more up to date information, please visit Friends of the Capitol Theater on Facebook. Thank you for reading & your support!

The twinned Park theaters

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Blogophilia 47.13: Wall of Confusion

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Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Include a Song Title from a One Hit Wonder

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Use the Word “Shenanigans”


I tell you, with these temp jumps all over the place, whether to shutdown or open up or partially open or what… it’s a Wall of Confusion for sure! Then with the status of my health, which is much better than it was, still leaves a lot to be desired. I really wish I knew what to do, but with the wind-chill factor, it’s difficult to get out for any of this… It’s too cold to snow, yet it feels like it at the same time. The forecast says snow on Sunday, but I assure you, at 3 degrees, it won’t… All this frozen stuff is enough to make people Wipe Out (The Surfaris 1963) whether you’re walking or driving! One good thing, though, is in the frozen tundra, the only shenanigans that are going on are in the safety of your own home! Unfortunately, with the combination of the social distancing & winter wonderland, domestic violence of family, particularly children, are on the rise. It’s sad that without schools, many of these children have no one to turn to. Yet, opening up could expose them to illness, which would be outright a death sentence, since these are the ones least likely to be able to go see a doctor.

While I try to figure out a game plan for myself, aside from needing to jump through hoops for this & that or whatever, there is one potential job prospect that if it goes through, would be a good thing. Because it’s dependent on certain things happening, just like the weather, it’s hard to predict. May the best turn come around…

On another note, I’m trying to see if our historical theater (one of only a minute few still in existence around here) can be saved. It’s The Capitol, built in 1928, just before WWII broke out, with an old Wurlitzer organ that was built in. It could show both sound & silent movies. In 1976, the organ was sadly taken out, “twinned” to create 2 smaller theaters that was renamed The Park (for it’s proximity to Washington Park & Park High School) would become one of the 1st Value Cinemas where older movies would come back at a cheaper price for people to watch. Being that I lived near there, I’ve seen many movies, used it as a meetup place, and so many fond memories of the architecture… In the fall of 1987, not long after I graduated high school, it closed down. The current owner wanted to be able to use one theater for movies and the other as kind of a museum, and collected a lot of Racine antiques. But, due to health problems (that I can relate to), things happened… Here are some important links, in hopes local people especially, or those who would be interested in future visiting to have a look at what we’re missing out on.

To learn more about The Capitol/Park Theater, please visit the website – there is an option to be able to pledge money to help restore the building. If nothing happens, you won’t be asked to give the pledge. A Go Fund Me has been set up to raise funds to buy the building. It is a tax deductible donation, and if the building ends up not being acquired for the purposes of Preservation Racine, an organization that works to preserve historical buildings in Racine. You can passively support the organization on Facebook. Please also consider signing the petition to send to the Mayor of Racine, WI & City Council of Racine right here. I encourage local & regional people to sign & share a memory by commenting. Those who support keeping & updating the building is especially encouraged to comment, especially if there is design to visit or share an experience of lost local history near you that you wish you still had. Thanks in advance for reading & hopefully supporting! Stay Warm!

Topic: Stormy

Picture: Christopher M.

Caption: 1) Frigid! 2) temp jumps 3) wind chill factor 4) too cold 5) snow 6) forecast 7) frozen tundra 8) winter wonderland 9) predict/prediction 10) stay warm

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Blogophilia 46.13: Writer’s Choice – What’s New?

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Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Writer’s Choice – Name Something to Do

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Writer’s Choice – Mention Arts

Bear Necessities

So, What’s New going on aside from the new year? I’d like to introduce the Black Arts Council of Racine. It’s a relatively new organization, with a lot of good things going on already. Founded by none other than April Harris, who is multitalented, smart, innovative, with a mission to get black artists out there. Racine is a diverse place, and I am excited to be able to support the arts in any way, shape or form. I think putting this out is a necessity, because we don’t learn too much about how people contribute to society, and let’s face it, art is culture! I really do think that this is one of the bear essentials in today’s realm.

So, if you are looking for something to do, please check out the fundraiser for the Kid Virtual Art Camp – where young people can stay engaged with fun art projects & connects people with African-American culture. People of any background can participate, and with the winter tundra upon us & Covid shutdown still happening, many are beary hungry for some human contact & need a good outlet to engage our brains.

Another activity coming up… It’s not just for Mama Bears, it’s for the general public. Please inquire about being able to perform your original poetry or reading a black poet’s work. This is where it’s good to celebrate, because this isn’t your standard black bear gig, it’s about getting to go online during winter wonderland & and being able to see something other than white snow.

Image may contain: text that says 'BLACK ZOOM Poetry Night Sat Feb 27th 6-8pm Join Us For Creat African Amer Spoken Word From Racines Best Black Poets! HISTORY MONTH SEEHING RACINE POETS AND SPOKEN WORD ARTISTS 262-417-6951 262- 3X Racine, WI5340'
don’t hibernate

Leave the sleeping behind as you go in the den to see some really good readings, performances, and so much more! February is Black History Month, let’s celebrate this as best we can!

Topic & Picture brought to you by Marvin Martian.

Caption: 1) Bear necessities 2) bear essentials 3) winter tundra 4) beary hungry 5) Mama bear 6) black bear 7) winter wonderland 8) white snow 9) don’t hibernate 10) leave the den

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Blogophilia 45.13: The Holiday Blues

Marvin Martian‘s blog topic parameters HERE

Blogophilia and how it works, Over Here

Hard Bonus (2 points): Use a Twilight Zone series title from 1959-1964

Easy Bonus (1 Point): Incorporate a board game

The Cat’s Eye

With the Chinese New Year on 02/12/2021 & Valentine’s Day shortly after, the season is not over… We still have The Holiday Blues – with no reprieve in sight, and we’re wishing upon a star in hopes that star gazing will give us some answers…

Dealing with a classic narcissist is like dealing with The Howling Man (TZ – 1960) where their targeted scapegoat(s) say they’re the devil, yet most of the other people don’t have a Clue & wonder why the targets don’t want to deal with them. It would be nice if more people were like the gray kitty who seems to see straight through some of these people.

Some ancient people thought cats had connections to the spirit world, where they could see & communicate with the beyond. Cats are cool that way, though I think dogs & small children can do the same.

But hey, can the kitty get a break? Where are the treats? Attention, please, I’m here so now you have to pet me! It’s not always black & white, shades of gray are greater.

Topic: Dia Jade

Picture: Michael

Caption: 1) The Cat’s Eye 2) wish upon a star 3) star gazing 4) gray kitty 5) see through 6) connect to the spirit world 7) seeing beyond 8) treats please 9) pet me 10) black & white and shades of gray

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