Youth Voice Initiative

The year was 2008 and I wanted to start a worthy cause to make a real difference where it was needed.

I have always been an activist towards equal rights and been a firm protector of children, so it wasn’t going to be hard to come up with an idea of where to start.

In college, I had already been a major part of getting a federal bill passed that strikes down a womans’ dressing choice from being considered an invitation to sexual violence.

I felt empowered, knowing that my voice and passion went to actually make something happen for possible victims to keep from being victimized.

Observing the amount of sexual crimes that happen on the internet, I felt that there should be something done about this to be a better deterrent against online predators.

With the help of a friend, we came up with the name “Youth Voice Initiative”, for my cause.

The idea was to be a lobbyist so I could talk directly to the legislators to show my passion, drive, and undying concern for children who cant fend for themselves.

People who write in to legislators do make a difference, but there is nothing more compelling than being face to face with that eye contact, and the enthusiasm in my voice that sells my total belief in my agenda.

The most convincing way of getting a bill to be considered is through petitions and so I knew I had to not only hit the pavement, but I also needed to get my petition for any laws I wanted to pass, in a high exposure area.

What better way than the internet where the predators are doing their heinous crimes?

Just my presence there can make a possible offender think about what he is doing and reconsider, thereby saving another child from being preyed on.

Stopping sexual crimes against children or adults is something the majority of humankind agree on, to instill quality of life, and a better future for us all.

I conducted much research and compiled a list of all of the things I would need to start YVI and be fully legal and operational.

It seemed a little pricey to get things started but when compared to the well being of our children or other victims, it was a “drop in a bucket”, of value.

YVI’s mission is to lobby any laws that will protect anybody from abuse, sexual or otherwise, and to stiffen the penalties towards those offenders.

Currently, we are on the “Aprils Law” cause that stiffens the penalties for online predators and seeks to shut down websites that promote sexual violence.

Aprils Law has a federal petition and a Wisconsin petition that is being pushed by YVI and it’s sister cause Petra Luna Foundation (“PLF”).

Aprils Law Federal Petition:

Aprils Law Wisconsin Petition:

All efforts to aid YVI in its missions are appreciated greatly and encouraged.

About likamarie

I am the founder of Youth Voice Initiative, the only non-profit 501c4 in the private sector to lobby against child abuse. Out of every job I've had since I started working at 18, Mom is most definitely my favorite (albeit the most challenging) job ever!
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2 Responses to Youth Voice Initiative

  1. marie-france says:

    Thank you so much for being involved in an area of abuse that surely needs much attention and compassion !
    Nothing goes unchanged, your sincere passion to right some wrongs are impressive, keep-up the great attempts, everything builds up for good in time –
    Very sincerely,

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